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What To Serve With Burritos

What, if anything, you choose to serve with burritos depends on the type of burrito you are eating. You’ll surely find the perfect side dish with our list

bean corn burrito

Mmm, burritos! So much deliciousness stuffed into one tortilla! But what should you serve with them? Well, there are TONS of options for all you home cooks.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of our favorite Mexican side dishes and give you tips on how to serve them best.

First, let’s discuss burrito filler ingredients. Many of the side dishes below can also be used as a filling for your burrito, so be sure to consider your burrito fillings when planning your side dishes. For example, you might not want to serve rice as a side dish when your burritos have a rice filling.

Let’s get started!

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Tortilla Chips

It doesn’t matter whether serve homemade tortilla chips or store-bought ones, they are a great side dish for burritos because they have a crunchy texture that pairs well with the soft and chewy nature of a burrito. Tortilla chips also provide a nice salty compliment to the flavor of a burrito. Plus, tortilla chips are very versatile so there is the opportunity to try new flavor combinations by adding different toppings.


Guacamole is a great side dish or filler for burritos because it provides a smooth, creamy but complementary flavor that gives the burrito an added punch. Serve it up with tortilla chips or as a burrito filler.

Guacamole also acts as a good binder in wraps because it’s thicker than other sauces or dips.

Whether you serve guacamole as a side dish with chips or as a filler on your burrito, you can’t go wrong with it.

Pinto Beans

Pinto beans are a great option for side dishes with burritos because they taste like traditional Mexican food. Serve them on the side or as a filler for your burrito.

Green Side Salad

A green side salad is a great option for serving with burritos because they are crispy, cold, and refreshing. These attributes make the salad a good counterbalance to the hot, soft, and chewy nature of a burrito.

For best results, use a green salad that has crunchy ingredients like carrots, onions, and cucumbers.

Dress your salad with a creamy cilantro lime dressing, and you’ll have a perfect pairing!

If you don’t like cilantro dressing, you could always opt to serve a Caesar salad.


Salsa is a great side dish for burritos because it’s flavorful and adds some heat to your meal. You can use mild or spicy salsa, depending on your preferences. I personally love the flavor of pineapple in my salsa. Pineapple salsa pairs well with chicken, so try it out on a burrito filling made from grilled chicken!

Another great fruit to add to salsa is mango. Learn what mango tastes like.

Cilantro Lime Rice

Cilantro lime rice is a great side dish for burritos because it adds flavor and is pretty much made for Mexican food. This flavorful side dish can be used as a filler or served on the side.

Refried Beans

Refried beans are another great pairing for burritos. Adding refried beans to your meal is a cost-effective way to add some bulk to your meals.

Refried beans are a perfect pairing for rice, whether served on the side or as a filler in a burrito.

Mexican Rice

If you’re not into cilantro lime rice, then traditional Mexican rice is a great side option. It has a bolder flavor and goes really well with Mexican food in general, so it pairs perfectly with burritos.

Black Bean Soup

Black bean soup is a great option to serve with burritos when you need a hearty meal. It’s filling and delicious.

Marinated Vegetable Salad

Marinated vegetable salad is a great pairing for burritos because of the variety of textures and flavors that it brings to the table. There’s something new to discover with each bite, which makes this dish fun and tasty.

Be sure to include tomatoes, onions, corn, avocado, and a variety of green bell peppers!

Mexican Coleslaw

Mexican coleslaw is another great side dish for burritos because it offers a variety of textures and flavors, just like marinated vegetable salad.

To make this coleslaw, simply purchase prechopped coleslaw mix and make the dressing.

You’ll need oil, lime juice, honey, a few drops of hot sauce, and your favorite Mexican spices, such as garlic, cumin, oregano, and coriander. Add onions and cilantro, and you’re done.

Mexican Rice Casserole

If you want to mix up your meal pairings, then don’t forget about the Mexican rice casserole. Made with rice, diced tomatoes, green chiles, garlic, cheddar cheese, and Mexican seasoning, this casserole is a delicious side dish for burritos.

Crunchy Tacos

Crunchy tacos are another great pairing for burritos because they are made with traditional Mexican ingredients like corn tortillas, beans, and cheese.

Fill crispy taco shells with your typical taco toppings, such as ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream, avocado or guacamole, salsa, onions, and cilantro. Garnish with a lime wedge, and you’ve got a side dish that’s perfect for burritos.

Sweet Plantains

If you’re looking to bring in some extra flavor, then sweet plantains are the way to go. They are flavorful and naturally sweet, just like fruit.

Fruit Salsa

Fruit salsa is another great pairing because it adds some extra flavor and sweetness to your meal.

This easy-to-make salsa combines mangoes, oranges, limes, and jalapenos for a delicious combination that works well as a side dish or as a burrito filling.

Beans and Cheese

If you want something basic and easy, then a plate of beans and cheese is perfect. This dish offers a little bit of protein and a lot of flavors. Simply serve refried beans with melted shredded Monterey Jack or Pepper Jack cheese on the side. For added flavor, squeeze a little lime juice on the top.

Tortilla Soup

Tortilla soup is another great pairing for burritos because it packs some serious flavor.

To make a quick and easy tortilla soup, all you need are a few cans of black and/or pinto beans, a can or two of diced tomatoes, a small can of green chiles, some frozen corn, chicken base, and water (or broth), and Mexican seasonings like cumin, chili powder, garlic, and oregano.

Heat it all up together, and you’ve got a hearty, hot side dish for burritos. Don’t feel like eating soup? Strain out the juice and use the beans and corn as a filler for your burritos.

Traditional 7-Layer Dip

Finally, traditional 7-layer dip is another great side dish for burritos because it’s simple and flavorful. Serve with tortilla chips! And, it’s a great way to serve multiple sides in one simple dish!

Taco Seasoned Home Fries

To turn home fries into taco-seasoned home fries, just add some taco seasoning on top of the potatoes before you bake them.

Black Beans

If you’re not into pinto beans, simply cook up some black beans seasoned with onions, garlic, and taco seasoning spices like cumin, chili powder, oregano, and coriander. Serve them on the side or as a filler for burritos.

Pico de Gallo

Pico de Gallo is a fresh salsa made with ripe fresh tomatoes, onions, jalapenos or serrano peppers, cilantro or parsley, and tons of lime juice.

Just dice up the ingredients and mix them together for a simple side dish that’s very flavorful and different from any other Mexican sides you’ve tried before.

Pico de Gallo can be served on the side, with chips, or as a filler.

Mexican Style Sweet Corn

Mexican-style sweet corn is another great side dish for burritos because it’s delicious and different.

For this dish, all you need are canned sweet corn kernels, a can of diced green chiles, garlic powder, black beans (canned or cooked), tomato sauce or diced tomatoes, onion powder, ground cumin, garlic salt, chili powder, and cayenne pepper or any other favorite Mexican spices.

Just mix all the ingredients together in a pot over medium heat until everything is mixed together well and heated through (about 10 minutes).

Check out my article on how to cook corn from a can for more ideas.

Jalapeno Poppers with Cream Cheese

These jalapeno poppers are another great side dish for burritos, especially if you love spicy foods.

Slice the jalapenos in half and scoop out the seeds with a spoon. Then stuff each pepper with cream cheese. Wrap each one with bacon and secure it together with a toothpick.

Finally, grill the poppers for about 15 minutes or bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit

Corn and Black Bean Salad

This is one of my favorites. This corn and black bean salad is fresh, flavorful, and healthy.

It’s made with canned or frozen corn kernels, canned black beans, diced avocado, chopped onion, red bell pepper slices (or pimentos), lime juice, olive oil, fresh cilantro, salt, and pepper to taste.

Mexican Street Corn

Another easy side dish for burritos is Mexican street corn. It’s made with fresh sweet corn, mayonnaise or Greek yogurt, butter, cotija cheese (or parmesan cheese), chili powder, garlic powder, salt, and pepper.

Final Thoughts From Cost-Effective Kitchen

Burritos, paired with one or several of the above side dishes, make a delicious weeknight family meal. I hope this list inspires you to create a delicious burrito meal at home.

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