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How To Thaw Uncrustables®

How long does an Uncrustable® take to thaw? Learn this and how to thaw Uncrustables® fast in this article

Got kids? If so, I’m sure you’re familiar with Smucker’s Uncrustables®. They are frozen, crustless sandwiches filled with peanut butter and jelly or chocolate hazelnut spread.

Uncrustables® are great for lunchboxes or snacks. Unfortunately, the manufacturer warns against heating them in the microwave, so if you haven’t planned ahead, you’ll be waiting a while to eat.

This article will explore the varieties of Uncrustables® available and alternate methods you can try to thaw your Uncrustables® quickly.

We’ll explore and answer the following questions: how long do Uncrustables® take to thaw and how to defrost Uncrustables® fast.

So, how long does an Uncrustable take to thaw? The short answer depends on your thawing method!

Let’s take a look at various thawing methods, shall we?

What Are Uncrustables®?

Smuckers Uncrustables® are frozen, handheld crustless sandwiches, bites, and roll-ups produced right here in the USA in the states of Colorado and Kentucky.

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What Flavors Of Uncrustables® Are Available?

Available Uncrustables® Sandwiches

  • Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam
  • Peanut Butter and Strawberry Sandwich on Wheat with Reduced Sugar
  • Peanut Butt and Honey Spread Sandwich
  • Chocolate Flavored Hazelnut Spread Sandwich
  • Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly Sandwich
  • Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly Sandwich on Wheat

Available Uncrustables® Bites And Roll-Ups

  • Taco Bites
  • BBQ Chicken Bites
  • Uncured Pepperoni Bites
  • Uncured Pepperoni Roll-Ups
  • Uncured Ham & Cheddar Cheese Sandwich Roll-Ups
  • Turkey and Colby Jack Cheese Sandwich Roll-Ups

How To Thaw Uncrustables®

Thaw At Room Temperature

For optimal quality, it’s best to thaw Uncrustables® when you’re ready to eat them.

The easiest, although not the fastest, way to thaw Uncrustables® in on the counter for up to an hour.  Then, be sure to eat within 8 hours.

Thaw In Your Kids Lunchbox

Uncrustables® makes a great lunch option for kids. Simply add an Uncrustable into their lunchbox in the morning, and it should be thawed by lunchtime.  You can also send your kids with Uncrustables® for an afterschool snack.

Thaw In The Microwave

Let me start this section by clearly stating that the manufacturer of this product does not recommend microwaving this product.

I get it. Heating an Uncrustable in the microwave can cause injury if the filling gets too hot and you try to eat it. It can cause serious burns to your tongue and mouth. And in all likelihood, your Uncrustables® will burst in the microwave before you get a chance to eat them.

That said, I am kind of a rebel at times, so I set out to find a way to thaw Uncrustables® in the microwave without them bursting and burning my mouth. Here’s what I found.

Using Your Body Heat

Simply hold the Uncrustable between your hands and let your body heat help unthaw it.

On Your Car’s Dashboard

Yes, this one works well with the right circumstances. The temperature needs to be above freezing, and if the sun is out, it works great!

Here in SC, our car dashboards get super hot many months out of the year. For this method, set your Uncrustable on your car’s dashboard and let nature do its work. However, you may want to place a paper towel under it to catch any condensation.

Can Uncrustables® Be Left Out?

Because Uncrustables® are frozen food products, they should be kept frozen until you’re ready to eat them. Then they can be thawed at room temperature in an hour or less. Once thawed, Uncrustables® should be eaten within eight hours for the best quality.

Do Uncrustables® Go Bad?

Uncrustables® can go bad. Always use the “Best By” or “Best When Purchased Date” when purchasing them. And if you’re keeping them frozen for future use, try to use them within a month for the best quality.

You could also transfer the Uncrustables® to a Ziploc freezer bag or airtight container to try to extend the length of time they’ll retain their quality in the freezer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Uncrustables® Come In A Box?

Currently, there are three sizes on the market here in the U.S. 

Depending on your location, you can find Uncrustables® in boxes of four, ten, or eighteen.

Can You Refreeze Uncrustables®?

Technically yes, but I wouldn’t recommend it as the quality of the product would likely be affected.

According to the manufacturer’s website, refreezing Uncrustables® could, “create ice crystals that cause the bread to become soggy when thawed.”

Can Thawed Uncrustables® Be Refrigerated?

Yes, they can be refrigerated for up to 24 hours, but the quality may suffer. It’s best to eat thawed Uncrustables® within eight hours.

Does Costco Sell Uncrustables®?

Currently, Costco is showing the 18-count peanut butter and grape jelly Uncrustables® for sale. 

Because Costco’s merchandise can vary, please check your local store before heading out there.

Are Uncrustables® vegan?

No, Uncrustables® are not considered vegan per the producer’s website.

Are Uncrustables® gluten-free?

According to the Smuckers Unrustables website, Uncrustables® are not gluten-free.

Final Thoughts From Cost-Effective Kitchen

If you’re looking for other cost-effective options for lunch boxes or after-school snacks, consider using Uncrustables® as part of your plan.

While they aren’t the most convenient snack option due to the thawing time, with minimal planning, they are a viable option for your kids.

They can be quickly tossed in a lunchbox with some raw veggies or fruit for your child’s lunch.

Or, they can be put in the fridge in the mornings for an afterschool snack.

Because they can sit out for up to eight hours, you can also pull them out before the kids get home and let them come to room temperature.

Do you have any hacks for quickly thawing Uncrustables®? If so, I’d love to hear from you.

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Until next time…