Can You Freeze Oranges?

whole and sliced orange

You can freeze oranges but the quality of your thawed orange will depend on the quality of the fruit and how it was frozen.

Can You Freeze Honey?

honey with honeycomb

Learn about honey’s freezing point, how to freeze honey, and how to thaw honey.

Can You Freeze Pancake Batter?

Let’s face it, pancakes are one of those foods that are best served fresh off the griddle. Agreed? If you’re like me, you never know how many pancakes to make. One week you won’t make enough so the next you make more only to find your family isn’t as hungry so you have leftover pancakes.  …

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Can you freeze chicken salad?

chicken salad

Yes, you can freeze chicken salad with varied success. Your success depends on the ingredients used to make the chicken salad.

Can You Freeze Hamburger Buns?

freeze hamburger buns

Frozen hamburger buns will retain their quality for 1 to 3 months without vacuum sealing or 1 to 3 years if properly vacuum sealed.